Focusing on the Features of Social Event Apps

One of the major reasons why event organisers are looking for social event apps is that they add value to an attendee’s experience. Aside from modern events capitalising on two-way communication between speakers and the audience, attendee networking is now also under the limelight. It makes perfect sense — especially because some events are organised for the very reason of networking.

There are various social event apps at your disposal today. Here are three features that you should look out for if you are planning to invest in one for your future events:

1.) Has in-app messaging

Social event apps should have an in-app messaging feature. This is very important for attendee networking since it basically gives them the chance to connect virtually with other people who are joining the event. It also reduces awkwardness for first-time meetings since attendees can talk beforehand through the app. If they gain new relationships from the event, the messaging feature is a good avenue to communicate during and after the event — at least until they can exchange contact details.

2.) Supports arranged meetings or matchmaking

Secondly, social event apps may have a specialised function for arranged meetings or matchmaking. This is a helpful feature for conferences where delegates may have to meet specific people to serve the event’s purpose. For large conferences with hundreds of attendees, you can only imagine the chaos that attendees have to suffer when meetings are not organised in one platform. Through a mobile app, they may easily check their diary and be reminded through push notifications if they have to be somewhere. Matchmaking solutions are also appreciated in business conferences where delegates would want to partner with other participants for different business ventures.

3.) Supports social media

Lastly, social media should be integrated with social event apps. This gives a more humanistic approach to your events since it’s one way to tell attendees that their experience matters — and that they can share it to others. A good example of social media integration is by allowing attendees to take a selfie that has the event logo or frame in it straight from the app. The picture can then be programmed for upload to Twitter where attendees can additionally use the event hashtag. Another example is by showing a live Twitter feed in the app for all tweets that contain the event hashtag. This way, attendees can see what other people are sharing on social media.